Step by Step Guide on how to hack SimCity BuildIt on your PC or Smartphone

Basic information you should be aware of: All information you enter should be correct. If your username is wrong, or you choose the wrong platform, you won’t receive any items. Also we would like to inform you we don’t ask for anyones password, e-mail address or any else private information.

  1. Enter your correct username
  2. Choose the exact platform
  3. Choose the amount of SimCash
  4. Choose the amount of Simoleon
  5. Click on Generate
  6. Wait until the processing is over

Now it can happen you will get asked for a human verification. This happens when there are too many user at the same time. The system is filtering whether the requests are from real human or from bots/macros. In the past it happened our Generator was abused by some gamer using exploits/bots/macros to generate a very high amount of Simoleon/SimCash to new accounts. Later they sold these accounts and we went to lots of trouble because of them. The only way to prevent this kinda “fraud” is the human verification. Unfortunately it is absolutely necessary. Anyway, everything is for free and it will only take you two minutes until all the process is done.


Have fun!